Website History

It was the fall of 2008 and I’d just exited the Waterford Speedbowl following a 2-year stint as Media Director. Sensing that his pal Dave needed something to do and suggesting that we team in putting a site together, the person of utmost importance in the success of “Racing Through Time” is undoubtedly Tom Ormsby. Without his technical expertise, unwavering dedication, and most-importantly friendship, this site would never have become a reality on January 4th, 2009.

As Webmaster, Tom designed the site, contributed many images, did the updates, and, more than a few times did a last-minute text edit so his pal Dave wouldn’t look like a fool within the vintage racing community. A noted former Plainville Stadium modified competitor, Mr. Ormsby simply knows-his-stuff and was in-fact, the true pioneer in bringing our region’s short track racing history to the Internet in debuting his classic vintage modifieds site many years-ago. Unfortunately, due to a serious illness in-which he continues to recuperate, Tom has been unable to do the weekly updates since February 2014. 

This is where another computer-savvy friend enters the picture. It’s my fellow NEAR member Judy Poirier who constructed this “updated” version of the site using Tom’s excellent work as a template. We all owe this lady a huge debt of gratitude in making it possible to continue the tradition of “Racing Through Time” on a weekly basis while Tom is on-the-mend.

Lastly, those of you that know me probably realize I’ve had a nearly lifelong association with the Speedbowl. During the 1990s I was blessed to serve as kind of an “unofficial assistant” to New England Auto Racing Hall of Fame member Pete Zanardi, who retired as the Speedbowl’s PR Director at the close of 2006. To say that he opened a lot of doors for me would be an understatement, and any mention of the greatly-appreciated popularity of this site simply has to include him. Much of the history found on these pages is a direct result of personal contacts made through my enduring friendship with “Pete Z.”



Dave Dykes.